CP 100 –MT 801 Thermoplastic Base, Box, Frame and Lid ½ ”- ¾” Drinking Water Meter Holder

Product Ratings 5 Out of
  • Min. Order : 100 Unit(s)
  • Port : By Land / PE - PUERTO CALLAO
  • Payment Terms : WIRE TRANSFER(T/T)
Base, box, frame and cover used for domestic drinking water connections, it serves to house and protect the kid from the meter, valves and accessories.
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 60,000 Unit(s) per month
  • Packing Details: Bagging.

Thermoplastic base, box, frame and cover for domestic drinking water connections. The base and box have the appropriate capacity and measures to provide the space to house, protect and manipulate the kid: meter, valves and accessories. The frame and cover with viewer have a latch type lock operated by a key equipped with a magnet that attracts the lock latch allowing the opening of the cover. This product has a display to take a meter reading at any time. It is only necessary to open the cover for cases of maintenance or closure of home connection.