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It is an irreplaceable material in the important task of making children enjoy learning, allowing our children to manipulate numbers, operate correctly and acquire a quantitative image of the objects around them.
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 100 Unit(s) per month
  • Packing Details: Resistant box presentation.

This fun material promotes:

  • Recognize natural numbers by relating them to quantities.
  • That the child quickly learns to count
  • Develop basic operations such as:
    • Addition.
    • Subtraction.
    • Multiplication.
    • Division.
  • Recognize quantifiers:
    • Greater than.
    • Less than.
    • When children are young they start counting spontaneously. It is an activity that they do in a totally natural way.
  • Development of logical thinking.
    • From the moment we are born, we are surrounded by written numbers and conversations where numerical words appear: "give me two apples," "four cutlery are missing," or "he's 7 years old." Therefore, it is normal for children to imitate us and repeat these numbers since they are part of their daily lives. However, even if they can repeat the number words or perform small counts, this does not mean that they are prepared to understand the meaning of the spelling or written calculations.
  • Their understanding is not reached through writing, but the child will build it through their experience, both in their small daily actions and handling prepared materials. When we add a fork to the table or we lack a chair, to give two examples, the child is working on the concept of quantity since this is always closely related to the operations of adding or removing. He is realizing that it does not have to do with the shape of objects or with color or their position in space, but that it is a new concept.

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  • Main Markets : CHILE , BOLIVIA , ECUADOR
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