Hand-Woven Peruvian Chullo Hat - Asociación Arco Iris

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Discover the exclusive alpaca hat, hand-woven by Peruvian artisans in alpaca wool with ethnic patterns. This accessory offers warmth and style and represents a commitment to traditional craftsmanship and sustainability. Contact us.
Product Details

The Peruvian Chullo Alpaca Hat, meticulously made by the Arco Iris Association, is a piece of textile art that combines tradition and contemporary fashion. Hand-knitted in alpaca wool, this hat stands out for its vibrant multicolored ethnic patterns, offering warmth and distinctive style. The alpaca fiber, recognized for its softness, resistance, and thermal qualities, makes this chullo a privileged choice for keeping warm in cold conditions while guaranteeing comfort and durability.

Each chullo is the result of the dedicated work of Peruvian artisans, who use traditional wooden looms to weave each piece. This artisanal technique ensures that each hat is unique, with details and finishes that reflect Peru's cultural richness. Additionally, the design includes earmuffs for additional protection against the cold, making this chullo a functional and aesthetic piece for any fashion collection or as a corporate gift.

Opting for the Peruvian Chullo Alpaca Hat from the Arco Iris Association means choosing a high-quality product and supporting sustainable practices and the work of artisan communities. This commitment to traditional craftsmanship and sustainability resonates with brands and companies seeking to add value to their catalogs with products with a significant history, promoting ethical and responsible fashion.

Product description:

  • Product: Peruvian Chullo Alpaca Hat - Rainbow Association.
  • Material: Hand-woven alpaca wool.
  • Features: Multicolor ethnic patterns with ear flaps.
  • Craftsmanship: Hand-woven on a wooden loom by Peruvian artisans.
  • Quality: Soft, warm, and durable.
  • Values: Promotes traditional craftsmanship and sustainability.
  • Use: Ideal for B2B fashion collections and corporate gifts.

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