Iwana Necklace |Pre - Columbian Peruvian Jewelry |24k Gold Coated Bronze | Sea & Desert Collection |Paola Arguello |

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  • COLECCION MAR & DESIERTO | Ethnic & Sophisticated. Handcrafted jewelry with ancestral origin, light pieces, modern - contemporary.
SKU : PARSEA - 047| PRE- COLUMBIAN ADJUSTABLE NECKLACE | Black suede thread | "Feline Face" pendant with citrino & "coconut bark"| Claps & pendant Material: 24k gold coated bronze | SKU: PARSEA - 047 | Talla XL|
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  • Production Capacity : 500 Unit(s) per month
  • Processing Time: OVER 30 DAYS
  • Packing Details: Box, Lid and rigid cardboard base lined. Logo one color. Logo in hot stamping. Full color printing on the inside. Measures 8 x 12 x 3.5 cm high. Internal tissue paper. Brand label. Care and guarantee label.

Jewels inspired by the ruling lords of the Moche culture. The treasure of the Lord of Sipán - Chiclayo. Handmade jewelry. Modern ethnic designs. Design version and replica of Peruvian pre-Columbian jewelry. Goldsmith Made by local artisans. Designs with a cultural essence. Fine jewelry. Protagonist "Feline face" | Goldsmith work by local artisans | Material: 24k gold plated bronze | SKU: PARSEA - 047 | Size XL: Ø 1.8 cm - ↔ 32 cm |

 This jewels are handmade high-quality replicas, inspired by the ones used by the Lords of the Moche Culture. 3rd century AD | Lord of Sipan treasure found in Lambayeque - Chiclayo | Reinterpretation of ancestral stories | Design version and replica of Peruvian pre-Columbian jewelry | Handmade Artisan Jewelry | Modern Ethnic Designs | Handmade goldsmith with ancestral origin | Daring, modern and contemporary pieces | Designs with a cultural essence | 24k Peruvian Gold Coated Bronze | We work under social responsibility standards| Jewelry by local goldsmiths | Peruvian Fashion | Fashion designer in Peru | Fashion and crafts | Pieces with history |


Piece of our SEA & DESERT PRE- COLUMBIAN JEWELRY COLLECTION | Ethnic & Sophisticated | Handmade jewels with millenary origin | Peruvian handcrafted jewelry | light pieces - modern - contemporary |

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