Mold for Chocolate Tablet 100 Grams

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High-quality mold for a 100-gram chocolate tablet with 3 cavities and made of 1.5 mm PETG. Easy to use and practical to produce delicious chocolate bars. Contact us.
Product Details

Mold for Chocolate Tablets of 100 grams
This high quality mold is specifically designed for the production of 100 gram chocolate bars. Its use is very simple and practical, since it only requires filling it with melted chocolate and removing the excess with a spatula.

After letting the chocolate set, simply turn the mold upside down to unmold the bars.
The measurements of the mold are 31.2 cm x 21.8 cm with a height of 0.98 cm. It has three cavities with a base of 13.45 cm x 7.4 cm each.

Made from 1.5mm PETG, this mold is durable and strong, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective production. Contact us today for more information on this product.Additionally, our design team can work with your specifications and requirements to create custom molds unique to your brand.

Whether you need special shapes or even your company name etched into the mold, we can help you create a custom design that is perfectly suited to your needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create custom molds for your brand.

Mold for 100 gr tablet.
Height: 0.98cm
Base: 13.45cm x 7.4cm
Mold size: 31.2cm x 21.8cm.
Cavities: 3
Material: 1.5mm PETG

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