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  • Min. Order : 100 Tonne(s)
  • Port : By Sea / PE - CALLAO
  • Payment Terms : D/A
Explore select Peruvian national wood from the Cachimbo, Panguana, Higuerilla, and Copaiba species for construction and furniture projects. This product offers cost reduction and supports forest sustainability and Peruvian biodiversity. Contact us.
Product Details

Select Peruvian national wood is positioned as an economical and efficient alternative to traditional species such as Tornillo, offering project cost reductions of up to 40% and significantly reducing delivery times thanks to its abundance and diversity. This selection facilitates continuity and flexibility in the demand for large volumes and ensures resistance, durability and adaptability to any type of construction and furniture work. Through this offer, Henderson Group seeks to guide and supply people, institutions and companies linked to the timber sector, promoting the conscious and sustainable use of Peru's forest resources.

Adopting National Select Wood for construction or furniture projects is not only a practical decision due to its moldability and resistance but also a responsible choice that supports biodiversity and sustainable forest management. With standard measurements and the possibility of adapting to specific requirements, this line of wood is presented as a comprehensive solution for the B2B market, offering a high-quality product that satisfies the needs of the construction and carpentry sector while promoting the valorization of the less-known national species on the market.

Product description:

Applications: Construction, furniture, interior carpentry, crafts.
Benefits: Cost reduction of up to 40% vs. screw type, fast delivery, versatility in use, resistance, and durability.
Origin: Tropical humid forests of the Peruvian jungle.
Sustainability: Promotes sustainable forest management and the use of highly abundant species.
Customization: Standard measurements and upon request.

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