Vodka 14 Inkas 700ml

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  • Port : By Air / PE - LIMA
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Vodka 14 Inkas is made with native potatoes from the Peruvian Andes, cultivated at more than 3,000 meters of altitude by a peasant community
Product Details
  • Packing Details: 750 ml & 700 ml transparent glass bottle. Cardboard boxes x 6 units, gross weight 7.65 kilos. Dimension of the box x 6 unds. 32 long x 22 wide x 22.5 high centimeters. Exports: pallet 120 x 100 centimeters = 128 boxes x 6 units. Total of 768 bottles,. Total weight = 918 kilos


Distillation of native potatoes and water filtered by reverse osmosis

Physical characteristics:

  • Alcohol: 40% abv
  • Aspect: Crystalline liquid.
  • Color: Transparent.
  • Odor: Clean with a fruity and citrus touch
  • Flavor: Sweet and fruity entry, viscosity in the mouth.
  • Impurities: None

Product lifespan/lifetime:


Storage conditions:

Keep in a cool, dry place at room temperature (20 ° c). Out of reach of the sun.

Productive process:

The process begins with the washing and milling of the potatoes adding a percentage of water to obtain a fluid paste rich in starch, which is hydrolyzed with enzymes obtaining a must or mash with fermentable sugars.

The must is fermented, adding yeasts, in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature, converting the sugars of the must into alcohol at an average of 11.5 ° G.L. or ABV.

The alcohol produced in the fermentation is separated by distillation and rectification in a batch distiller, separating the most volatile compounds from the other compounds.

3 distillations are performed to obtain the alcohol. In each distillation, residues are obtained in the first fractions of the distillate, called "head" and what remains in the distiller's pot or "tails".

The ethyl alcohol, after the three distillations has a concentration of 95.2 ° G.L. or ABV.

Ethyl alcohol at 95.2 ° G.L. it is hydrated with water treated with a reverse osmosis filter up to 40 ° G.L. or ABV for our final product.

Production plant:

Our distillery is located within the industrial complex ESMERALDA CORP that provides us with sanitary services, security, storage, water treated with reverse osmosis and waste treatment. Our high-tech equipment complies with international standards and certifies the quality of our product. Our final product complies with the international regulations of vodka and we have the Sanitary Registry granted by DIGESA


Health register, certified chemical physical analysis.

Label coding system:

Linternal factory codes including lot number: year - batch - numbered. Example: 20-1-0001

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