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The Brazil nut tree is the only species in the monotypic genus Bertholletia. It is native to the Amazon forest of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.
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The Brazil nut is a large tree, reaching 50m tall and 1 to 2m in diameter, making it among the largest of trees in the Amazon rainforests. It may live for more than 500 years. The Brazil nut tree starts to give brazil nuts fruits after more than 25 years old, so it’s fruit is considered a very precious treasure, rich in selenium and good fatty acids.

Health benefits:

The best source of selenium in the world, which helps fight any inflammatory disease, including cancer.

Contains tocopherol, phytosterols and squalene, powerful antioxidants (phenolic acids and flavonoids) that help fight inflammatory heart disease and cancers.

  • Excellent food for newborns and kids for proper growth development.
  • Fantastic energy-boost food for athletes.
  • Favors the protein synthesis.
  • Helps to control hypertension.
  • High in dietary fiber.
  • Helps fighting against mental diseases.
  • Good food complement to reduce stress and depression
  • Controls metabolism and harms provoked by thyroid disease.
  • Battle bad cholesterol
  • Amazon nuts ’oil protects the skin and prevents aging.


  • Ideal for snacking.
  • Good ingredient for bakery, jams, desserts, breakfasts muesli.



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