Frozen mango puree

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  • Min. Order :
    100 Kilogram(s)
  • Port :
    By Sea / PE - CALLAO, By Air / PE - LIMA
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100% natural product, purely made from mango. Ideal product for restaurants and cafeterias. It can be used as a raw material for multiple products in the ice cream, soft drinks, confectionery and canning industries or as a base ingredient for juices. It thaws quickly and can also enjoyed directly.
  • Product Details

  • Production Capacity : 120,000 Kilogram(s) per month
  • Processing Time: WITHIN 21 ~ 30 DAYS
  • Packing Details: Packaging at customer's request. Normally plastic bags and as secondary packaging in cardboard boxes or special cylinders.
  •  Storage: in freezer
  •  Frozen lifespan: 24 months
  •  Once thawed and refrigerated: 5 days
  •  Ingredient: 100% natural mango
  •  How to use: thaw at refrigeration temperature for 8 hours or immerse sealed in water for 1 hour. Once thawed, open the package and serve as you want to eat it. Ready for direct consumption. Once thawed, do not refreeze.
  • Packaging: vacuum sealed in bags or at customer's request.
  • Useful for: juices, shakes, smoothies, yogurt, desserts, jams, jellies, cocktails or enjoyed directly.


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