Serena Peruvian White Marble Stone

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  • Min. Order :
    880 Cubic centimeter(s)
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    By Air / PE - LIMA, By Sea / PE - CALLAO
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Discover the Peruvian white marble Serena, a blend of elegance and durability. Perfect for interiors and exteriors, it elevates any space with its intrinsic sophistication and unique texture. Contact us
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  • Production Capacity : 5,000 Cubic centimeter(s) per month
  • Processing Time: WITHIN 21 ~ 30 DAYS
  • Packing Details: Wooden crates.

Peruvian white marble is a precious stone primarily composed of calcium carbonate, giving it its distinctive white colour. Its nuances result from including components such as magnesium silicates, mica, quartz, chlorite, and iron oxide.

This combination creates white marble with grey veins, occasionally featuring bluish tones, fine grain, and a floury texture. In terms of hardness, it ranks between 3 and 4 on the Mohs scale.

Due to its beauty and durability, this Peruvian white marble is a versatile and elegant material suitable for use in residences, offices, and commercial spaces. It is commonly used to clad walls, floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes in kitchen areas, stairs, and fireplace surrounds. It can also be used indoors and outdoors, including architectural facades.

It is also available in various formats, sizes, and thicknesses, with its polished finish highlighting its spectacular shine, creating environments with great personality.

Despite its excellent properties, white marble is porous, requiring specific care. It is recommended to clean it with warm water or, at most, a soapy solution with a neutral cleaner.

To maintain its natural shine, occasional application of special marble wax is advisable. If scratches or abrasions occur over time, the surface can be polished to restore its splendour. White marble is a noble, resilient, and attractive choice, but it requires proper maintenance, especially in areas exposed to water.

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