Terms and conditions of use

About the Platforms

  • The Foreign Trade Single Window of Peru (VUCE) is an electronic system that simplifies the processing of export and import documents required for the entry, exit or transit of goods and means of transport to, from or through Peruvian territory. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru (Mincetur) is administrator of VUCE.
  • Mincetur has developed two new platforms for the facilitation of foreign trade, to boost the competitiveness of Peruvian exporting and importing small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • perumarketplace.com are the new platforms, which have the following objectives:

    • perumarketplace.com is an online marketplace that brings closer exporters, importers and Logistics Services. To access perumarketplace.com, go to https://www.perumarketplace.com.
    • E-PYMEX manages the information and documentation that SMEs use in their foreign trade daily activities. To access E-PYMEX, go to https://epymex.vuce.gob.pe.
  • These platforms are connected with the Restricted Goods and Origin components of VUCE.


  • The users of the platforms are Peruvian and international companies.
  • Mincetur acts as administrator of the platforms.
  • The Peru Export and Tourism Promotion Board (Promperu) assists Mincetur in the selection of users and the promotion of the platforms.

To access and use the platforms, the following terms and conditions of use must be accepted:

1. Access

  • The information that the user registers to create an account in the platforms must be accurate and reliable. This information will have the legal effect of an affidavit.
  • The user shall use an e-mail address and password to access their account in the platforms.
  • The user can change their password following the instructions set forth on the platforms.
  • The user shall notify Mincetur immediately through an appropriate and reliable mean of communication about the unauthorized use of their account. Mincetur cannot be made liable for the sharing of e-mail adresses, passwords or accounts with third parties.

2. Notifications and/or Communications

PERUMARKETPLACE allows the exchange of notifications and/or communications between its users.

3. Commitments of the Parties

a. Commitments of the User

  • The user undertakes not to carry out or advertise acts that go against public order norms, property, personal integrity, morality, state security, cybersecurity or other acts that violate Peruvian or international law.
  • The user undertakes not to use the platforms for illegal purposes or purposes contrary to the terms and conditions of use and that affect the rights of third parties or of Mincetur. Likewise, the user undertakes not to perform acts that may damage, disable or deteriorate the platforms.
  • The user undertakes not to attempt to penetrate or test the vulnerability of the platforms, as well as not to break their security measures.
  • The user undertakes not to send, through the communications menu of PERUMARKETPLACE, unrequested commercial mass communications (SPAM) or threatening, denigrating, discriminatory, obscene or defamatory communications.

b. Commitments of Mincetur and Promperu

  • Mincetur shall provide access to the platforms free of charge for the benefit of the Peruvian foreign trade community, especially for the benefit of Peruvian exporting and importing SMEs.
  • Promperu is in charge of the selection of Peruvian companies that will become users. All Peruvian companies must be registered at the Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration of Peru (Sunat).
  • Mincetur shall guarantee the safety and privacy of user data, in accordance with Peruvian law.
  • Mincetur shall use the information registered by the users exclusively to achieve the objectives of the platforms.
  • Mincetur has the right to block or delete the accounts of users in case the rights of third parties are affected, proper behavior norms are disregarded, acts that affect the operation of the platforms are carried, or users perform acts they undertook not to perform under the terms and conditions of use.
  • Mincetur cannot be made liable for the information or documentation registered by the users in the platforms.

4. Intellectual Property

  • All intellectual property rights related to the websites, contents, formats and designs of the platforms belong to Mincetur, or to the users if the intellectual property rights are owned by them .
  • In case intellectual property rights are owned by third parties, the user undertakes to have the necessary licenses for their use. The reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication, making available or any mode of use of all or part of the contents of the platforms, in any medium and by any technical means, is strictly prohibited without the authorization of Mincetur.
  • The user undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights owned by Mincetur and third parties. Likewise, the use or reproduction of any registered trademark, name or logo that appears on the platforms without the prior authorization of Mincetur is strictly prohibited. Finally, the following practices are also prohibited:
  • Presentation of a page of the platforms in a window that does not belong to Mincetur using the technique called "framing", unless there is a prior authorization of Mincetur.
  • Insertion of an image disseminated on the platforms in a page that does not belong to Mincetur using the technique called "inline linking", unless there is a prior authorization of Mincetur.

5. Contractual Relationships

  • PERUMARKETPLACE and E-PYMEX are means for users to contact each other, improve their business operations and rate the services provided by other users. However, the platforms do not generate electronic contracts or payments. The contractual relationships that may arise from the exchange of information by the users are governed by the corresponding civil law.
  • Mincetur assumes no obligation or liability with regard to the contractual relationships that may arise.

6. Update of the Terms and Conditions of Use

Mincetur reserves the right to update the terms and conditions of use of the platforms, which will be published on their websites.

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