Compostable Bioplastic Spoon - Pack of 50 Units INKA Brand

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  • Min. Order : 50 Unit(s)
  • Port : By Air / PE - LIMA, By Sea / PE - CALLAO
  • Payment Terms : WIRE TRANSFER(T/T)
Spoon 6 MED INKA Compostable. Standard weight 4.00+/- 0.17 gr. Pack of 50 units without strange aromas. Contact us.
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 1,000 Unit(s) per month
  • Packing Details: INTERNAL PACKAGING: Polyethylene bag; OUTER PACKAGING: Polyethylene bag

The 15.20 cm compostable spoon is made of Gemabio E 2881 - SPN 3907990000 compostable material, with a standard weight of 4.00+/- 0.17 gr. Its appearance is presented in a package without foreign aromas, free of physical damage, stains, etc., that affect its appearance.

The internal packaging is a polyethylene bag with the INKA logo and contains 50 units, while the external packaging is a polyethylene bag without printing, with 50 units X 20 sachets, totaling 1000 units.This compostable spoon is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic utensils.

In addition, its flawless appearance and custom logo packaging can enhance the brand image. Being compostable, it also complies with environmental regulations regarding waste reduction. Its standard weight and dimensions ensure a consistent and comfortable user experience.


  • Material: Compostable Gemabio E 2881 - SPN 3907990000
  • Appearance: Natural - typical of the material

Product characteristics:

  • Standard weight: 4.00+/- 0.17 gr.
  • Dimensions: Length 15.20 cm, natural color
  • Appearance: Packaging without strange aromas, free from physical damage, stains, etc.

Packaging features:

  • Internal packaging: polyethylene bag with INKA logo, 50 units
  • External packaging: unprinted polyethylene bag, 50 units X 20 bags = 1000 units

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