Diatomite Dust Fortibac-Si 25Kg.

Product Ratings 5 Out of
  • Min. Order : 10 Tonne(s)
  • Port : By Sea / PE - PAITA
  • Payment Terms : WIRE TRANSFER(T/T)
Gives soil Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) plus 38 trace elements or mineral trace, obtained from freshwater fossil microalgae.
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 180 Tonne(s) per week
  • Processing Time: WITHIN 10 DAYS
  • Packing Details: sacks of 25 kg polypropylene


Mixed with organic or synthetic fertilizers, prevents leaching
evaporation of nutrients, transforming them into fertilizers
slow release.

Neutralizes toxic elements and excess acidity of the earth.
Recover soils that have been worked on

Optimizes soil fertility by improving soil retention
Water. It has great absorption capacity: more than 150 times its
weight in liquids and gases.

Improves the absorption of phosphorus and other macroelements.
Increases the cation exchange capacity and fertility of the

Improves the physical conditions of the soil, promoting
multiplication of beneficial microorganisms.

It is safe in organic farming and is recommended for all
crops: bananas, rice, corn, mango, watermelon, cocoa,
potato, roses, palm and others.


Improves soil structure.
Increased vegetative development
Increases performance
Promotes root development
It improves the habitat of the plant by contributing to its
health and growth
Better quality and weight of the fruit

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  • Location : TUMBES
  • Main Markets : ECUADOR
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