Empowered Women

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This book is aimed at the female audience, especially those women who seek to strengthen their spirits to achieve the change they so long for in their lives and who wish to play a leading role in today's society.
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The possibility of change lies in "female empowerment". When we hear such a powerful phrase, the first idea that crosses our mind is that of a woman dressed in a black latex dress, whip in hand, subduing a man; but female empowerment is a much deeper concept and takes us beyond the subjugation of the opposite sex. On the contrary, it leads us to true and long-awaited gender equality. ”Monica Cabrejos outlines in this way the concept of Empowerment, with which she gives us the true meaning of power beyond the simple oppressive force of which she has been a victim. long woman. Monica, now, dignifies the meaning of this word and presents us with the idea of ​​power as that special force that, outside of all victimization and vengeful spirit, helps transform women to assume and face the adversities of their gender. Empowered women It is a text that also goes through the paths that women follow to achieve their fulfillment in society, in the family and in the professional sphere. In the same way, it helps to understand the true feminine essence in all fields of social action, through daily cases where stereotypes, prejudices and harmful ideas that women constantly deal with are evident, having as main oppressors not only machismo, but also themselves.