Ethnographic Map of Artisan Textiles in Peru Book

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Author of the book: Cristina Gutiérrez, pages: 254. ISBN: 978-612-4329-64-7
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Despite the health crisis that the world is suffering, reflecting on our Bicentennial continues to be an obligation that we have as a country and individually as citizens. And although our Republic is celebrating 200 years, there are thousands of years more that we must add to our historical musings, in order to find more elements that help to strengthen our identity. And if it is about searching, what better way than to have a guide that allows us to explore those elements that have not received much attention over the years, but that contain valuable information to learn more about our culture. In Ethnographic Map of Artisan Textiles in Peru, the linguist and textile designer Cristina Gutiérrez invites us to travel through the iconography of Peruvian textiles, tracing us a wonderful route that takes us from its roots to the present, with mandatory stops in its techniques, detours to discover its mergers, and breaks in the areas of greatest artistic and cultural significance. This is an opportunity to travel through the colorful world of Peruvian textiles and learn - in addition to understanding - the worldview of its artisans, mainly of the 8 most important regions in terms of the development of this millenary activity. Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Cusco, the Amazon, Lambayeque, Junín and Puno are the areas to which Gutiérrez has dedicated nearly two decades of research work, and which allowed him to elaborate this warp of data that shows us the image of a country that, although it has only 200 years of republican life, presents a cultural history of thousands of years