Green Mung Beans Bulk

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  • Min. Order : 20 Tonne(s)
  • Port : By Sea / PE - CALLAO
  • Payment Terms : L/C
Our Peruvian Green Mung Bean is processed under the strictest quality standards and has great germination rate. Contact us for more information.
Product Details

  • Production Capacity : 100 Tonne(s) per month
  • Packing Details: Polypropilen bags

The mung bean, also known as the green gram, maash, or moong, is a species of plant in the legume family. Mung beans are grown primarily in South America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. It is used as an ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes.

Mung bean sprouts are one of the most popular, nutritious and delicious sprouts. The sprouts grown from these seeds are incredibly high in protein.

Calcium and phosphorous are also abundant in mung bean sprouts. The vitamin content is very similar to that of asparagus and certain mushrooms, being very high in vitamin A.

Presentations of Mung Beans in Bulk

  • Polypropylene bags
  • 25 Kg. / 50 Lb.
  • 20' and 40' x 20-24 TM container



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