High Strength Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Tubing

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SARPLAST fiberglass reinforced polyester pipes are industry leaders for their resistance to axial stress and ease of installation thanks to their spigot-bell joint. Contact us!
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SARPLAST fiberglass-reinforced polyester pipes and fittings are the perfect solutions for applications where strength, durability, and high performance are required. Manufactured using the discontinuous cross-rolling method, SARPLAST pipes offer greater resistance to axial stress compared to other production systems.
One of the distinctive features of SARPLAST pipes is their spigot-bell joint, which allows for quick alignment and easy insertion. In addition, it does not require specialized labor or special tools, which means that it can be installed quickly and efficiently. Another union option available is the sleeve coupling, ideal for buried pipes, direction changes, and repairs in low-pressure applications.
SARPLAST pipes are used in a wide variety of applications in different sectors, including thermoelectric and desalination plants, hydroelectric power plants, water and sewage systems, storm drainage systems, the chemical and oil industry, and agriculture. In each of these applications, SARPLAST pipes provide a reliable and long-lasting solution.

In the energy sector, SARPLAST pipes are used in charging and drive lines of hydroelectric power plants, and thermoelectric and desalination plants. These pipes are especially suitable for these applications since they can withstand high pressures and temperatures.
In the water and sewage sector, SARPLAST pipes are used in low and high-pressure systems, drinking water systems, sewage networks, and submarine emitters. Thanks to their resistance to corrosion and their high abrasion resistance, these pipes are an excellent choice for these applications.
In the chemical and oil industry, SARPLAST pipes are used in process piping and fire fighting network systems. SARPLAST pipes are capable of withstanding a wide range of chemicals and are resistant to corrosion and abrasion, making them ideal for these applications.
In agriculture, SARPLAST pipes are used in pipes for gravity and pressure flow, and in siphons. These pipes are ideal for agricultural applications due to their durability and resistance to corrosion.

In summary, SARPLAST fiberglass-reinforced polyester pipes are an excellent choice for applications that require strength, durability, and high performance.With its spigot-bell joint, its ease of installation, and its ability to withstand a wide range of chemicals, SARPLAST pipes are a reliable and durable solution for a wide variety of applications in different sectors.

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