KGMC Equipment

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Dry gold ore processing equipment, without the use of water or mercury, consists of: Pulverizer mill, rotary centrifugal concentrator, dosing hopper, air compressor unit, helical conveyor and electrical control panel, also with air suppressor equipment.
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  • Production Capacity : 5 Unit(s) per month
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Dry gold ore processing equipment, without the use of water or mercury 


  • KGMC2 4 TN / 24HR capacity
  • KGMC3 7 TN / 24HR capacity
  • KGMC4 10 TN / 24HR capacity
  • KGMC5 15TN / 24HR capacity
  • KGMC6 20 TN / 24HR capacity 
  • KGMC7 30 TN / 24HR capacity
  • KGMC8 40 TN / 24HR capacity

It consist of:

Pulverizer Mill: One of the main objectives of the grinding - pulverization (comminution) is to allow the liberation or detachment of the valuable minerals (gold) to separate them from the minerals of little value (gangue) and 80% of filonian or rock mining hard, requires an optimal spray mesh to release the gold, a fundamental condition for a good dry gravimetric concentration.

Rotary centrifugal concentrator: Performs the separation of the concentrate and the tailings thanks to its new technology.

Dosing hopper (*): Its function is to receive the pulverized mineral from the pulverizer mill.

Air compressor unit: Its function is to deliver the necessary pressure to the concentrator with a range of 100 to 150 PSI. Thanks to the compressed air fluid, it is possible to replace the water fluid, whose objective is to achieve an efficient concentration.

Helical conveyor: its function is to transport the mineral from the pulverizer mill to the lung hopper

Electrical control board: The control board contains all the electrical connections for all the equipment, as well as the PLCs that control the logical sequence of the equipment. Its functions are divided into:

  • Spray mill command
  • Concentrator command
  • Helical dispenser command
  • Air compressor unit command
  • Additional reserve components

To control the rotation speed of the concentrator, it also has a speed variator command.

Air suppressor equipment.

(*) this equipment only includes the KGMC6, KGMC7 Y KGMC8.

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