One Piece Mediterranean White Toilet - Vainsa

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  • Min. Order : 1,000 Unit(s)
  • Port : By Land / PE - SAN BORJA/LIMA
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Discover the white Mediterranean one-piece Vainsa toilet with low water consumption and a silent flush valve. It is ideal for B2B because it combines efficiency, advanced design and durability in a single product. Contact us.
Product Details

VAINSA's White Mediterranean Piece Toilet is a hygienic and efficient commercial or residential bathroom solution. With an average discharge of 4.8 liters per flush, this toilet stands out for its low water consumption. Thus, this toilet combines performance with environmental responsibility. The high-quality R&T valve ensures a powerful yet silent flush, optimizing water use without sacrificing efficiency. This feature makes it an ideal option for companies looking for sustainable and efficient products for their facilities.

With a high-quality earthenware construction and a vitrified coating, the White Mediterranean Toilet is designed to offer superior resistance and easy cleaning and guarantees zero leaks. The enameled siphon facilitates waste transit, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance. In addition, its slow-drop seat prevents damage from impacts, contributing to the product's durability and offering safer and more comfortable use for the user.

The innovative design includes a dual flush system that allows you to select between 4 liters for liquids and 6 liters for solids, providing greater water consumption efficiency. The flush JET ensures that each flush is practical, keeping the toilet clean and debris-free. The compact size and packaging dimensions are designed for easy transportation and installation, making this toilet suitable for construction and remodeling projects.

Product description:

  • Name: One Piece Mediterranean White Toilet - Vainsa.
  • Consumption: 4.8 LPF with powerful and silent R&T discharge valve.
  • Features: Enameled siphon, slow fall seat, and dual flush system.
  • Material: Earthenware with vitrified coating.
  • Packaging dimensions: 64 cm high, 42 cm wide, 71 cm deep; Weight 39.50 kg.

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