Opaque Polypropylene Tile Reinforced with Anti UV Filters - FIBRA FORTE

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Discover the opaque Fiberforte tiles in red, which are 1.15m x 0.76m and made with reinforced polypropylene and anti-UV filters for more excellent durability. These tiles are ideal for domestic and commercial constructions, offer simple installation, and require minimal maintenance. Contact us.
Product Details

Fibraforte Roof Tiles offers a high-quality and durable roof solution, standing out for its reinforced polypropylene composition. Incorporating anti-UV filters, these tiles ensure excellent resistance to the sun's effects and deterioration, maintaining their integrity and color over time. At 1.15m x 0.76m and attractive red in color, they are the perfect option for projects that require robust and aesthetically pleasing materials.

Fibraforte Shingles are lightweight and waterproof, designed with functionality in mind, making them easy to install and handle. This feature makes them ideal for various applications, such as homes, laundries, and school playgrounds. Their resistance to rust and mold formation makes them a durable, low-maintenance option essential for domestic and commercial construction.

Product Structure:

Material: Polypropylene reinforced with anti-UV filters

Measurements: 1.15m x 0.76m

Red color

Features: Lightweight, waterproof, do not rust, do not mold

Applications: Homes, laundries, school playgrounds

Installation: Against the direction of the wind, use of galvanized screws and hooks

Maintenance: UV resistant, easy to clean, avoid glues/solvents

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