Organic Chocolate

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  • Min. Order : 25 Kilogram(s)
  • Port : By Sea / PE - CALLAO
  • Payment Terms : WIRE TRANSFER(T/T) , OTHERS
We produce chocolate in a variety of percentages. Constant innovation has enabled us to find exquisite chocolate. Our chocolate is available with optional inclusion of Peruvian superfoods such as camu camu, maca, and lucuma.
Product Details
  • Packing Details: First package, nylon + polyethylene (44 x 24 x 12). Second packaging, kraft, corrugated, 100% recyclable box.

Our chocolate is made by roasting cacao beans and producing cacao nibs. Nibs are then crushed and produced into a thick mass called cacao paste (sometimes called cacao liquor) and organic chocolate is produced after conching the paste with cacao butter, sugar, and adding optional inclusions. Also, our chocolate does not contain allergens, soy, wheat, GMOs, dairy, nuts, preservatives, and fillers. This product is available in a variety of presentations like blocks, chips, and bars, and some of them are made without any sugar and the available sweeteners are white sugar, coconut sugar, panela and Yacon Syrup. We also offer the option of adding organic Peruvian superfoods like lucuma powder, camu camu powder, or maca powder. Finally, this organic chocolate has 3 cacao percentages available which are 55%, 70% and 80% Cocoa.