Oxicab Refuge Chambers

Product Ratings 5 Out of
  • Min. Order : 1 Unit(s)
  • Port : By Sea / PE - CALLAO
  • Payment Terms : L/C , WIRE TRANSFER(T/T)
Our oxicab shelter chambers are made by experts professionals reaching high levels of quality and technology.
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 1 Unit(s)
  • Packing Details: ASTM516 Grade 70 Special Steel

Our oxicab refuge chambers are designed to respond immediately to these emergencies and are implemented to operate in any of the following three different oxicab situations or scenarios. In normal situations, in which there are no emergencies, our refuge chambers are designed to function at any time that is required. To meet this objective, our refuge chambers are equipped with everything necessary for the survival of its occupants according to the number of people for whom it has been designed and built. Within these survival conditions we can name, for example, "Electric power", which has two main sources, that which comes from the mine and that of the refuge itself (Batteries), "Breathing air", which also has two sources of supply, of the mine and the own one that takes place inside the refuge. The other important elements for survival are food and water.