Palo Santo Japa Mala Necklace

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  • Min. Order : 50 Unit(s)
  • Port : By Sea / PE - CALLAO, By Air / PE - LIMA
  • Payment Terms : WIRE TRANSFER(T/T) , OTHERS
PALO SANTO MALA NECKLACE MADE IN AN ARTISANAL WAY. This aromatic wood belongs to the same family as Frank incense and myrrh; Cleanses and helps remove bad energy from the house, keeps bad spirits away, induces meditation and spiritual search.
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 100 Unit(s) per week
  • Processing Time: WITHIN 10 DAYS
  • Packing Details: Bag x 1 unit, box x 100 unit

The aroma of Palo Santo is extremely mild and transmits powerful energy, hence the name “Santo”. It is rich in terpenes such as limonene and α-terpineol. 



This product is made without damaging the Palo Santo wood tree. We only process wood from trees that have died naturally in the forest. We use a beautiful hand-carved piece of exotic ivory, to complement the "guru".