Palo Santo Mini Stick - Premium

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  • Min. Order : 100 Kilogram(s)
  • Port : By Sea / PE - CALLAO, By Air / PE - LIMA
  • Payment Terms : WIRE TRANSFER(T/T)
Cleanses bad energies, purifies the environment, relaxes, improves mood, improves mood in cases of flu, headache and bones, balances energies, relieves nervous tension, can also be used as a mosquito repellent .
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 2,000 Kilogram(s) per week
  • Processing Time: WITHIN 10 DAYS
  • Packing Details: Box x 25 kg, custom packaging service

The Palo Santo or Bursera Graveolens is a species of tree that grows in South America, especially in Ecuador and Peru. It has many healing properties, and that is why Amazonian and Andean healers and shamans have always used them in purification and purification rituals. It burns and the smoke releases a strong aroma that disperses to purify and clean the environment.

By lighting the stick, the smoke has the ability to communicate with positive energies. Its aroma is citric, slightly sweet.