Pisco Biondi of Creole Black Grape 500 ml

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Pisco Biondi of black creole grape 500 ml aromatic, colorless, and sweet fruity flavor. Contact us for wholesale purchases.
Product Details

Aromatic Pisco is made from the creole black grape, popularly called " Mission Grape", which grows in the department of Moquegua. The flavor of this pisco is sweet and with fruity details reminiscent of pear, accompanied by the presence of fresh grass.

It also presents secondary flavors from the fermentation process, the discontinuous distillation of musts, and aging in inert containers, to preserve its complete transparency and achieve a pleasant and persistent final bouquet on the palate.

Product origin

The vineyards of the Moquegua Valley in southern Peru are the appropriate setting to give rise to the creole black grape that grows at 1,000 meters above sea level. The Peruvian Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation states that the climate of this department is ideal for viticulture because it is temperate, desert-like, and with moderate thermal amplitude.

Presentation for sale

Pisco Biondi of creole black grape has a fine presentation in a 500 ml glass bottle that rests inside a box of bright colors and Peruvian designs.

About the company

Antonio Biondi e Hijos S.A.C. is a Peruvian pisco producer that has been recognized as Premium Pisco. Since 1960, the engineer Antonio Biondi Bernales, founder of Pisco Biondi, dedicated his life to the production of pisco making six varieties and being recognized in international festivals in which he represents Peru.

In 2022 it won 33 medals at the Virtus International Awards, one of the most prestigious wine, spirits, and oil competitions in the world. 

The company maintains the ancestral processes in the distillation of grapes, obtaining a natural, artisanal, and quality product.  It is equipped with modern machinery that allows for efficient production. They currently export to international markets such as the United States and Europe.

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