Pisco Mosto Verde Italia Artists Cuatro Gallos 750 ml.

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This collection is characterized by being made by a Pisco Mosto Verde from specially selected grapes, it is aged for 36 months in the cellar.
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One of our great creations is the Collection of Artists, a line of Piscos that seeks to promote the feeling of Peruvianness, using the Pisco bottle as a canvas for Peruvian artists.

This collection has four varieties of Pisco (Italia, Quebranta, Torontel and Acholado) the same ones that are represented by a Peruvian artist who uses this bottle as a canvas to express his own artistic interpretation of Pisco Cuatro Gallos.

This Pisco Mosto Verde is made with grapes grown in our own vineyards, located in the Ica Valley-Peru. Once the grapes have been destemmed and drained, the Must is obtained by means of gravity. In the fermentation process, with a controlled temperature, the greater amount of aromas that the grape keeps. Finally, once the Pisco is distilled, it rests for three years in stainless steel tanks.