Positive Mental Attitude for Business Development

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The present publication entitled Positive mental attitude for business development aims to provide some scope to develop optimistic leadership in business.
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It explains how the character and vocation of the leader influence the attitude of his collaborators and the success or failure of his own company. It is aimed at the general public. As for its structure, it is made up of 5 chapters where topics related to personal growth, false concepts and business myths are developed; Likewise, various business models applicable to the development of your company, some basic tools of social skills, among others, are presented. Regarding the methodology, some examples are used and some newspaper articles are cited that facilitate the reader's learning in a didactic, clear and simple way. Businesses are known not to be large or small based on their infrastructure; rather, they become large or remain small in direct proportion depending on who directs them. So if you want a company to be big and important, it will have to be run by a great person, who is a leader and a model of life for your collaborators. Because organizations are made up of people, a company is a change-oriented organization. Therefore, it is the person himself who must start with the change, since she recreates her reality and modifies the future of her company. It is known that nobody can change the past, but they can modify the present and therefore the future; since the present is a perspective of the future. So what you do now, like choosing this book, is going to have implications for your future. Although a parent cannot choose the qualities of his children; an employer can determine what the mentality of his collaborators is like. So, if they do not work correctly, the person in charge of hiring them is the one who should be the first to be evaluated and then determine what to do with their collaborators..