Set My Textured Letters

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The textures of this Montessori game facilitate sensory learning in the child. With this game they learn the basics of literacy and recognize the sounds of letters when speaking and identify the sounds present in the phonemes of words.
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  • Production Capacity : 100 Unit(s)
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It is a modern educational game that gives parents and guardians playful strategies to initiate the child in literacy and with which they can guide them in the course of teaching and learning from the phonological awareness, which must be a pleasant and fun experience in which the child must play freely so that he learns since in this way he will assimilate quickly. That is why the game has gone from being a didactic resource to being an educational strategy and this because it contributes to the development of important aspects of the child's personality such as: creativity, emotional, social, intellect, in addition to reinforcing their self-esteem, motivation and resilience. The Neuro Educator Francisco Mora points out that education must be charged with emotions with which the child can positively identify, that is why he indicates "There is no learning without emotion" and that enriching experiences such as interaction and free expression are shared by playing . That is why, it has been shown that learning is better consolidated in children's brains when it is connected with their emotions, which in turn are linked to daily actions (such as play), making learning meaningful and lasting. Also, this game is inspired by the successful Montessori method that strengthens the child's learning from a playful approach promoting their autonomy, stimulation through the senses, who wants to repeat and appropriate the learning and the phases that must be fulfilled to learn to read and write.

Game benefits.

  • Develop phonological awareness.
  • Stimulates motor and sensory coordination.
  • Develop verbal creativity.
  • Stimulates language.
  • Increases fluidity in the production of ideas, originality and expressiveness.
  • Increase vocabulary.
  • Try to use the correct spelling rules.
  • Facilitates the expression of emotions.
  • Promotes feelings of accomplishment.
  • Encourage a taste for playing.
  • Strengthens autonomy

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