The Ancient Andean States Book

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The Ancient Andean States. An Archeology of the Political Formations of Pre-Hispanic Peru Book
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  • Author: Tantalean, Henry
  • Pages: 419
  • ISBN: 978-612-326-034-7

The ancient Andean States were the protagonists of the Peruvian pre-Hispanic era. Social complexity, monumentality, and specialized craftsmanship, among others, are characteristic of these societies and are well known to the public and archaeologists around the world. However, how and when such political formations emerged and developed is still debated. Henry Tantaleán's book helps illuminate this issue using contemporary social theory, recent archaeological literature, and the author's experience in Andean archeology. This will allow us to learn more about Peruvian archeology through the presentation and analysis of societies such as Caral, Sechín Alto, Chavín, Moche, Wari, Chimú and Inca, and we will delve into their innovations in the political, economic and ideological fields. By analyzing the empirical evidence collected over more than a century of archaeological work, we will be able to understand when and how the ancient Andean states developed. This book thus becomes an entrance to the knowledge about how the Andean pre-Hispanic societies built their own world using politics and power.