The Cracked Republic Book

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Author of the book: Carmen Mc.Evoy, pages: 300. ISBN: 978-612-47532-8-2
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What to do with a republic as cracked as Peru's, which the pandemic has stripped bare in all its shortcomings?

This book combines subjectivity, empathy and memory: a great intellectual journey through a very personal map of places, images, sounds and ideas of the world. A plural, dynamic and profound work: McEvoy's emotional lucidity confronts the plague without fanfare and with the smile of wisdom he drives away catastrophe.

These essays remind us that Peru is a cracked republic, but that in its own cracks it finds the power of hope. The author reconfigures traditions, boldly explores history, draws free associations and multiplies cultural senses, from two endearing and eccentric spaces: La Punta and Sewanee, its red mountain in the north. In Times of Plagues, a book that celebrates human life with luminous intensity.
Marcel Velázquez

With tenderness and erudition, Carmen Mc Evoy's text feeds us on fundamental issues at a key moment for Peru and for the world. History, politics, ethics and literature, as well as nature and a large dose of music, are amalgamated in our daily lives, questioning us and inviting us to commit ourselves to our country for the common good.
Carmen Gonzáles