Wildflower 3 Arm Candelier - Handmade - Sinchi Yumi

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  • Min. Order : 12 Unit(s)
  • Port : By Land / PE - ABANCAY, By Land / PE - CUZCO
Handmade chandelier for 3 candles with wildflowers arms. It is a candle holder with a hand painted decorative hummingbird and leaves sticking out of the middle of the piece. Learn more here.
Product Details
  • Production Capacity : 3 Unit(s) per day
  • Processing Time: WITHIN 21 ~ 30 DAYS

3-arm chandelier handmade with embossing and chiseling techniques by Ayacucho artisans from Sinchi Yumi. This chandelier is a handcrafted piece with 3 tapered flower arms, detailed with leaves at each end, with a hand painted hummingbird in the center.

This handmade piece of art handmade stands out from the Ayacucho art, that continues to maintain over the years. The chandelier carries Spanish colonial characteristics fused with the Peruvian Andean culture.