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Company Profile

Company Profile

  • RUCquestion : 20494049059
  • Main Products : Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Paste, Chocolates, Ginger, Turmeric, Coffee
  • Main Markets : ARGENTINA , ITALY , FRANCE
  • Total of Employees : 5
  • Year Established : 2011
  • Exports Since : 2020
  • Certificates : -
Founded in July 2011, Kato S.A.C. is a company based in the province of Tocache, Alto Huallaga Valley, Peru. Initially, we stood out as harvesters of cocoa beans, focusing on quality as our hallmark. Over time, we standardized cocoa processing protocols and established a data traceability system that allows us to offer Specialty Cocoa Beans from various regions, successfully exported to Argentina and Italy.

In our cocoa derivatives plant, we produce cocoa paste, sweet and dark chocolates, cocoa nibs and natural cocoa powder under our registered trademark TIESTO. These products are marketed in Peru and have reached the international market, including Paris, France, where they received recognition as "Gourmet Chocolate." Additionally, as of 2021, we have diversified our production to include ginger, turmeric and coffee, which strengthens our commitment to expansion and customer satisfaction.

Today, we continue to develop new products and improve our facilities to offer more diverse and high-quality options to our customers.

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  • Job Title : Gerente General